Handling signatures and photos on a Clarion touch screen application

Hi all,

Earlier this week I asked for possibilities on some requirements for a AnyScreen application. The idea was to have an application running on an Android device. Meanwhile my client changed his mind a bit and came with a robust Windows tablet. He suggested to run a touch screen application on that device.

So that opens the possibility to run a normal Clarion application running. But this also brings me to the same questions:

  1. Signature input: It must be possible to put signature on the screen for receipt approval. Once signed this signature must be stored on the server together with the details of the receipt. I have read something on the Clarion Newsgroups but that was a special input device on the counter. For our requirements it must be done on the touch screen. I think that ImageEx can handle this. Are there other options?

  2. Photos: The tablet has a camera. Is there a third party tool or something else available with which I can handle the camera from my application?

I am aware that all the suggestions on my earlier topic also can work on a Windows tablet, but my client explicitly asked for a normal a.k.a. native Clarion application.

Look at EasyCam. Although Iā€™m not sure if it works on a Windows tablet.

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Thanks for pointing at Easy CAM ā€¦

we are already downloading and converting data from go pros using c code from go pro.