Has anyone implemented the "new" Folder Select dialog?

If you call FILEDIALOGA with flag FILE:Directory, it shows a dialog like this:


Since Windows Vista, there is a new dialog to select folders, it looks like this:

The first dialog is created using SHBrowseForFolderA. This page recommends:

For Windows Vista or later, it is recommended that you use IFileDialog with the FOS_PICKFOLDERS option rather than the SHBrowseForFolder function. This uses the Open Files dialog in pick folders mode and is the preferred implementation.

I think I have seen this working with Clarion before but at this moment I can’t find any reference.

Does anyone have this dialog working in a Clarion app?

I thought this sounded like something @CarlBarnes had done, but don’t see it in his Github repository.
Carl, is this something you’ve worked on?

I know I’ve done SHBrowseForFolderA using some code from Jim Kane, probably from IceTips. It’s not on GitHub. I have not done iFolder.

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