Has the automatic ability to convert a tps when the dct file structure changes from within the dct like in C6 gone now?

So in C6, if I made a file structure change in the dct, I used to be right mouse click and convert the file.
That option seems to have gone and I’m left with options to just generate code.

Has that option gone?

It’s this button

That button does not recognise the file structure has changed so it just displays the old file structure complete with records.

Any other suggestions?


So the Save button in the quick view doesnt seem to work if I click Quick View Save, then Browse table.
I have to close the dct, reload the dct and only then does it recognises the table has changed and presents a popup window titled Convert File. Not quite the way I would expect that to work, but better than just generating code for a project I guess!

instead of open/close you can just use the main save button (ie not the one in quickview)

That works, but why have a save button on the quick view?

You’d have to ask SV that - I didn’t put the button there.

I’ve noticed a few oddities like that. eg

Tools, Application Options, Dialogs tab
This menu option doesnt need the IDE to be restarted but only changes the AppGen window font.
Menu item disabled when an App is being edited in AppGen

Tools, Options, Expand IDE, Fonts
This option does need the IDE restarted. but you can control the font for the 4 different options.
Dialog Fonts - AppGen Font
List controls - All the app pads: Toolbox, Classes, Control Templates, Data / Tables, Errors, ?Output?, Solution Explorer, Properties & Application.
Also affects Tools, Options window.
Start Page - Self explanatory
Text Editor, Output Windows (Propertional Font) - Embed Editor, & output app pad.

Tools, Options, Expand IDE, Output Window.
This option is the same option as the Text Editor, Output Windows (Proportional Font) but also has the option to Word Wrap the output.

As I’ve had Capesoft File Manager for about the last 20 years or so, I’d even forgotten there was a dictionary option to do the conversion! :slight_smile: I can’t believe you don’t have it Richard (in fact I DON’T believe you don’t have it!)

All the info / option in there actually com from the templates. That’s why you can’t edit them with an app open.