Having addin problems?

It is great fun to play around with addins but of course not everything always goes to plan so what do you do if something goes wrong?

Addin Manager

All addins installed using the Addin Manager go into your windows user profile:

NOTE: The introduction of Clarion 9 has seen support for *.sdaddin packages removed. Read more here

Clarion7: %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\7.0\AddIns
Clarion8: %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\8.0\AddIns
Clarion9: %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\9.0\AddIns
Clarion9.1: %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\9.0\AddIns

  • To remove all addins at once, navigate to the appropriate directory and delete the AddIns folder.
  • Some addins will write settings into the ClarionProperties.xml file. If you are still having troubles you can edit or remove that file.

It is also possible to configure the IDE to scan alternate directories for addin files. These directories are referenced in a file called AddIns.xml located in the %appdata% directory mentioned above.

NOTE: If you use the ConfigDir switch when starting the IDE then your IDE profile will be in that Dir not those mentioned above!

Shipping Addins

Addins that are installed with the IDE are found in <cwroot>\bin\Addins\ Probably best to leave these alone.

3rdParty Addins

Another location that is automatically scanned for addins is <cwroot>\accessory\addins\