Help Wanted (Posted for a friend)

Need someone in or near Medellin Colombia.

I have been approached by a company in Medillin Colombia and am not able to help them further.
They have a custom written Clarion program that appears to be locked to the motherboard of the PC on which it was originally installed. The original programmer is deceased.
When they try to copy it over and run it on another PC, they get a message that says “No Right License.”
They do not have .APP or .DCT or other sources and cannot find the programmer’s in-house PC.
Contact: Eduin Ochoa, [email protected]

Clarion programmers needs a trusted repository where full source code can be saved with full version information. Should this programmer pass on to eternity, the trusted repository management should be able to sell or appoint another Clarion solution provider as prescribed by the software owner.

This could be a free service or monetized by several means to everyone’s benefit.
Clarion and Capesoft management should invest into this idea.

Well, GitHub and GitLab exist. First thing I do on a project is give that info to the client.

Robert, I suspect this is a rewrite situation. Otherwise, if it just needs to be made to run on a different motherboard, it’s possible a hex editor may be used to change any hard coded motherboard ID in the exe.