Help with positioning browse record

Hello, all –
Using Clarion 8.
I’ve got a form that contains 2 browse lists. One (ListItems) contains child records of the form’s record being edited, linked by file relationship.
The other (Items) serves as a “pick list”. I’m using an alias file to display all the records in its table. After selecting a record from this second browse list, I can click on a button whose embed code adds the selected Item to the ListItems table via code, using Access:ListItems.Insert. After adding the records, a ResetQueue causes the ListItems browse to display the added record. That part works fine.

But, here’s what I can not get to work. I’d like the ListItems browse to have the newly added record selected, as it would be if I were using the usual browse update buttons and a form. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I’ve tried ResetFromFile, ResetFromQueue, etc. Seems like one of these ought to work, but I can’t seem to find it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. TIA.

Try ResetFromBuffer()

Yep, tried that one too, no joy. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted all the “ResetFrom” methods. Is there some other condition that would make what should work, not? The new record ought to be the one in the record buffer, but just to be sure, I’ve re-fetched it and it still doesn’t work.
I can live with this the way it is, but it seems I ought be able to get this to work.
Thanks for your assistance.

You did fetch the Alias table, right?

What Jeff said, you need to get the record first so that the browse knows which one to be one.

Have you used ResetFromAsk? That is what the browseclass uses after a change record.