"Hide selection" for a list box

I have a list box that I have ticked the “Hide Selection” on. This sets the NOBAR property on the list box. This works fine except for one thing. Although I don’t get a blue highlight on the selected item, I still get a dotted line around the selected item.

How can I remove the dotted line as well.


You can mess around with assigning -1 to prop:selected for your list control. This will clear the selection.
I’m not sure if it will give you the effect you need.

?List{Prop:Selected} = -1


Hi Rick,

Thanks, but I tried this. However, that will also scrolls the box to the top

Have you tried setting PropList:BarFrame = to the selected color or color:none?
That looks like a possible solution.

unfortunately im using C6 and this does not seem to be in that. Its says its an unknown property. I wonder if there is an equivalent in C6?

Hi Alex,

I tested here with prop:BarFrame = Color:None and it worked.
When the list does not have focus there is no indication of the selected row.

I’m not sure what to tell you regarding Clarion 6. I don’t know if it is going to be possible to achieve with a list control.