Hide Toolbar at runtime

In multi DLL application I want the user to select whether to use a Toolbar or not.

Is there a way to globally hide the Toolbar at runtime, or do I have to insert the code to hide it in every window?


For a Major Project “XYZ” I have written Project XYZ specific Extension templates that are populated manually into most every procedure. That allows making project wide settings easily just in Project XYZ, e.g. your toolbar hiding.

Usually have an APP level extension then separate Window, Report and Process extensions. Sometimes have separate Browse and Form templates but the Window template can examine the %ProcedureTemplate to figure it out Browse or Form or Window. You can have a page of #Prompts to shape behavior. You can Export/Import to TXA to mass change those new symbols.

It allows a lot of flexibility to have Project specific extensions.

You could also look at PROP:OpenWindowHook which you only have to implement in the Frame. Loop using PROP:NextField looking for PROP:Type = ToolBar