Hotfields in Multichild Relation Tree


I have a window where I have a multilevel tree on the left side and tree child levels. I have set up the child levels with hot fields. What I am trying to achieve is to have some textboxes next to the tree showing some content in the hot fields when a node of the tree is selected. This does not happen.

Do I need to write a routine or some source to figure out which node is selected and then manually update the textboxes (using display)?


If I Remember correctly you may need to add a DISPLAY in one of the routines.

thanks for reply.

Can you be a little bit more specific about where to add DISPLAY()?
I have tried things like ‘take new selection’, ‘accepted’ etc, but it has not worked so far.
At the moment I have a tree with two levels:

Child: Voyages

I would like to have some info in textboxes from hotfields, instead of just puttig it into the displaystring.
(Like you do with normal browses).

I had to go look :slight_smile:
I select tabs of a wizard sheet based on the level of the tree.
I do that in “After process new selection on the tree”
So I do



Using display in the embed point you selected worked very well. I have only tested with one child level.
I use a sql server express database as backend and I guess I will have to look into relationships and keys in the dictionary to get everything working as I like. Using tabs on a sheet was a good idea for displaying info from various child levels. I will try that as well.

Thanks again

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