How are you doing Reports in Clarion

Hello to everybody,

I would be very interested to know which tools you use and recommend for printouts, especially for order- and invoice forms, but also for labels and reports.

I’ve been working with CW6 ReportWriter since 15 years, but its designer is unfortunately only 16-bit. The new version of ReportWriter doesn’t survive real data - it crashes merciless from 50.000 records on. But it also crashes with pleasure and is extremely fiddly and with files over 50 fields it is also extremely user-unfriendly.

Now I had tested CrystalReports. It’s great with MSsql, but can’t access TPS files via ODBC.

I am looking for a future-proof solution and am very grateful for any suggestions.

Hi Rudik,

I am using Fomin Report Builder (FRB -

Rock solid, easy and just works.


Johan de Klerk

Yes, I am using FRB too

Hi Johan,

I checked the FRB Demo during the last 3 hours and must say wow, what a great report generator!
I think I can go with it.

Unluckily I didn´t found it 15 years ago. In the meantime I have 150 RW reports which is a lot of work to rebuild them in FRB.

Does anybody know if FRB works with Capesofts PREMIERE (Print Preview)?

Thank you very much


Hi Rudolf,

I can’t see why Premier would not work with FRB.
Premier is just a Previewer.

I use FRB with IceTips Previewer.


Johan de Klerk

Yes, Capesofts Premiere works with FRB

Thank you verry much for your answers Johan, I think I´ll give it a try.


Hi pbouma,

cool, thank you!


I use CPCS reporting templates in my apps.