¿How can I cut words?

I want to cut the word that is inside the ‘-’, either the word of any length. Example:

String: -----HELLO-----

SubString : ‘HELLO’

thank you…

Hi Javi,

If you have CapeSoft StringTheory look at:
Between: http://www.capesoft.com/docs/StringTheory/StringTheory.htm#Between
FindBetween: http://www.capesoft.com/docs/StringTheory/StringTheory.htm#FindBetween


Johan de Klerk

As Johan says, StringTheory helps here - there are lots of options.

another option would be to use trim to remove ‘-’ from front and back of the string:

stop('string is now ’ & st.getvalue())


Geoff R

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Failing string theory there’s an included SystemString class from SV.
Or just use INSTRING() and SUB() to get there