How can I find out what template registry I am using?

Is there a template symbol or some other way to identify what template registry the IDE is using?

I’m aware of the changes made to the registry in C10
Clarion 10 Archives - Clarion (

Template Registry
The Application Generator now supports product version identifiers in the naming convention for the TemplateRegistry.trf file. For example, Clarion 10 by default uses the name TemplateRegistry10.trf.
If the Application Generator does not find a registry .trf file with the version appended name, it then looks for TemplateRegistry.trf (without the version identifier). By default when a new .trf is created it is created using the version number as part of the file name.

I know I can control the location of the registry using the redirection file, but I wondered if there is some sort of undisclosed template symbol or %macro% symbol which would expose the registry filename & path in use to the templates?

Its mainly to keep track of template registry’s being moved/created into different folders in-conjunction with different redirection files being used.



If you want to control the location of a template registry from a redirection file, just alter the path for the file mask in the redirection that will be used by the app.
*.trf = [drive]:\ [folder]\ [anotherFolder]\