How can I force the Registry to recognise the template code has changed inside a file that is loaded in the Registry?

I have a number of templates, made some changes to a template chain, took out some code, files are all saved, but there is this one file the registry still shows the old code and yet when I load the tpw into the editor it shows the new version of the code.

I’ve unregistered and reregistered the template chain and it is some how loading the old code still and yet it doesnt exist on this offline computer so whats going on? I even rebooted the computer but thats made no difference.

I’ve been forming the opinion these offline computers have a low baud rate radio link of sorts. Put stuff up some people dont like and your computer will play up. simple as. Even Youtube starts playing everything on 480p when previously HD was the default and I cant help but notice patterns with what Youtubes suggests. Someone is sandbagging on technology.

Apart from the window file handles, is there anything else I can do to get the registry to recognise the new file and the code changes?


Edit. So I made the changes using the Edit Definition button in the Template registry, saved it, then went back into template group via Edit Definition, and added a unique string to it. Saved this then loaded the source file and the unique string is not there.

I found the unique string in a separate template chain that happens to use the same group name.

So, should group names ie #Group(%grpName) be unique across the whole of the template registry or within a template chain?


So in the ABC and Clarion chain there are groups with identical names, and if I make a change to say #Group(%ABCLibraryPrompts) in the ABC chain, its also made in the Clarion chain, so I’m erring towards the assumption that group names have to be unique across the entire registry.

Would this be a correct assumption?

group_reusable_statement_group_.htm [Clarion Community Help]

Within a single Template, separate #GROUP sections may not be defined with the same symbol .

Either my computer is playing up or I have found a bug in the template language, because the #Group(%SomeName) has to be unique across the whole of the registry.