How can i start programming with Clarion


Hi Everybody
Im new on Clarion Programming.
can anybody advice me how to start programming on Clarion
where to begin
What books to read
(sorry for my English)


There’s a learning Clarion in the Docs directory thats pretty good. And just work through the examples. That’s as good a place to start as any.


Another decent way is to pick a little project, say something like “I want a program that I can store all my kitchen utensils in.” (because that’s what everyone does right? :slight_smile:

So you take that idea, a small easily-achievable project, and you dive right in.

If you are not getting anywhere, pick an even simpler project, like “I want a window to pop up with Hello Big World on it”.

Which is something Learning Clarion goes through I’m pretty sure!


Which version is better to choose ? 6 or 10


Start with Clarion 10.


Try Clarion for dummies …it is helpful