How could I do to intercept all exceptions in my own procedure?

I have LastChanceHook, but not all exceptions go there.
For example, index out of bounds go to FatalErrorHook and it provided only a error message.
I would like to have, at least, the same information as provided by LastChanceHook.
Thanks for any idea.

The “index out of range” error is an error (constrain condition violation) rather than exception. Generating code to trap violation of constrain conditions can be turned On and Off using pragmas. This code, if generated and violation of conditions detected, invokes corresponding RTL function without using the mechanism of SEH. The handler set as a value for the PROP:LastChanceHook is invoking only if some exception occurred.

You must call the Clarion’s built-in handler from your function set as a value of PROP:FatalErrorHook.
The system handler produces the dialog containing most data as for exceptions with some differences. When exception occurs Windows passes the EXCEPTION_POINTERS structure to exception handler(s). That structure contains detailed information about context of fault. Not all information from EXCEPTION_POINTERS can be obtained by the RTL itself when constrain error trapped.

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