How do I create a Utility or Generic or Common DLL (ABC)

I wanted to compile several functionalities, which are common in many of my projects into a common dll or lib written in clarion (ABC). Let’s call this dll COMMON.DLL/LIB. This is written using ABC. It will be used in standalone procedures as well as multi dll projects.

I have managed to create such a COMMON.DLL using a project and everything handcoded. I have also created a COMMON.EXP with specific functions that I needs exporting.

When I add the LIB/DLL into by data.dll it gives me 2 specific errors. Unresolved External COMMON:INIT and COMMON.KILL. In my COMMON project, since it is a handcode project, I have not used the ABC template chain.

I am sure most of the 3rd party template vendors are already doing this. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I would appreciate any help in this matter.



Try adding the .lib to the library, object and resources rather than the Application/Insert Module

This has worked for me with several external dll/libs