How do I export the dictionary as TXD from C7+?

Hello there, glad you asked!

Whilst it is not obvious, and perhaps not supported, it is still possible to export a Clarion DCT to the old style TXD format. Follow along and I will demonstrate…

Open your DCT, we are using the people.dct here as an example:

in the IDE, select the Import/Export button and then the Export Dictionary to text option in the drop down.

Now, here is the sneaky bit. Change the save as file type to *.* and give your file a *.TXD extension:

Check the created file and ta-da!! Old-skool TXD format:

Just change the extension of the save file to TXD and it should work correctly. This is how is how done in v9.1 and v10

I know this way and my generated TXD is looking good (like your´s) but cwrw.exe does not import it properly.

With a C6.3 generated TXD, cwrw detects all my files (+150) and displays them in the control window, but with the C10 generated TXD, cwrw detects 4 files (and of course not those with changes).

I reported that to SV, but no answer since years.

While there is also no real working way to convert my TXR´s to the new C10-Reportwriter (it allways stops with errors, but no line-no. or anything that could help to find why).

I reported that also to SV, but the same, no answer since years.

I tried a lot but finally the only solution that works for me, is to make all DCT-Changes in my C10-DCT and a second time in my C6-DCT (only to export a valid TXD).

It sounds like you are wanting to export a TXD from Clarion10 so that you can use it with Clarion6 report writer yeah?
And the reason you need to do this is because you cannot convert your existing reports to the Clarion10 report writer?

I don’t have any solutions to offer, just making sure I understand the situation correctly. Perhaps someone else has experience with the new report writer?

Yes, thats exactly my problem!

That what I mostly want is to convert my C6-RW-TXRs, with around 300 reports, to the C10 report writer.

The conversion process of the C10 report writer stops with errors. The error message itself did not help not to find the problem.

Mayby someone has a solution.