How do I get the C11 runtime to place the focus on the control I click on?

In C6 I can hilight some text from notepad and then paste it into a text control on a form.
In C11 this isnt happening. When I click on the text control in the form, the paste fails and the cursor blinks away on the control that last had focus.

How do I get that behaviour back in C11, or is this just another regression we have to live with?

The window needs focus before mouse interactions with the window will work.
So one click for window focus, one for field focus.

This is true for lots of windows apps, and untrue for lots of others.

whether you like it or not depends on how many times you pressed buttons on windows, when you were just trying to bring them to the front.

So I just loaded up MS Mail, clicked the “+ New mail” button, window opens up, I have the To: field I can fill in, the subject field I can fill in and the main body of the email I can fill in.
I click on the To: field but dont add an email address.

I copy some text from another source and can paste it direct into the main body of the email just by right mouse clicking on the body part of the email.

I open Notepad++, I load two documents up so they are side by side as if doing a compare.
I mouse click on the left document, then hilight and copy some text from another app. I right mouse click on the right document, popup menu appears and I can paste into the right document. Again I dont have to first click somewhere on Notepad++ to give it focus.

Just two random programs selected which have behaviour like C6 apps and earlier.

So tell me, what apps behave like C11 apps do, that are not C7-C11 apps?

Probably a good question for the OpenClarion webinar where you can show the effect you are seeing, because I did your test as described on a C11 program and it works the same for me. So maybe some setting in your program (maybe a manifest setting?) that matters?

but probably helpful if we can see your sequence and see exactly what you are doing.

Ok, lets phrase this question another, is the C11 example app which works where I dont have to double click?

it’s working for me here in just the app I happened to have open. Which likely means I’m not doing what you are doing.

So then I’m like what is this machine different. Dont get me wrong there are other things not working on this machine, like MS Edge doesnt not always clear cookies etc when its closed even thought its setup to do this. I’m only MS Mail, C11, MS Edge, Intel AMT/vPro apps, nVidia apps,VMware, Hyper-V and notepad++, and that old util FreeWheel because even the mouse wheel doesnt work properly in all apps.

And Putty so I can use the serial console to get onto other devices like the UART gpio pins on a Raspberrypi and a netgate/pfsense firewall device.

I’ve seen that behavior in one or 2 of my apps in the past, but not in current ones.

The MS Anti Malware service executable goes mad sometimes, cpu fan spinning up, Power Usage goes Red to Very High in task manager and I also get lots of warnings about apps/services trying to make changes to my documents.

Intel keep telling me I have an update, but here’s the things. Intels advice is use what ever your OEM gives you which is Dell. Dell have nothing for this machine, its all up to date, yet Intel keep telling me I have an important patch.

Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers

Installing this Intel generic graphics driver will overwrite any customized driver from your Computer Manufacturer (OEM).

OEM drivers are handpicked, customized, and validated to resolve platform-specific issues, enable features and enhancements, and improve system stability. Intel’s generic graphics drivers are intended for testing, and we recommend using drivers from Dell. Report any issues found with this driver to Intel.

Dell tell me

Your system is up to date

No driver updates found. Your system has the most recent updates

Who do you believe Dell or Intel?

It appears the biggest tech companies in the world cant organise a pee up in a brewery, but in the mean time Intel have identified a requirement for an update which Dell doesnt seem to think is important.

So do I have a vulnerability on this machine or not, I cant tell. At least with Apple, they do the OS & Hardware so you dont get this debacle that exists with Windows.

Its because of things like this which has resulted in me shutting down my business which is why I have not worked for nearly 10 years now, not that there is any work in the UK, I’m one of the not counted in UK unemployment statistics because the UK Govt like all govt are just lying criminal cheats. Anyway I digress.