How do I set MDI on IDE clarion 11?

I am new to clarion 11. I am using the clarion 11 IDE to build my first clarion 11 application, problems arise. my steps:

  1. I created an MDI Frame
  2. I created a menu, one of the menus called browse
  3. When the table browse is called an error appears: 'Unable to open MDI window on APPLICATION’s thread
    Process PID = 1328 Image: D: \ BANTU \ AIMDENIS \ POSAIMmart \ POSAIM \ POSAIM.exe
    Thread 1 Handle = 000000C0 TID = 6124 '.

my question :

  1. What caused the error?
  2. How do I set MDI on IDE clarion 11?

I really appreciate your help
Thank you

open any example app to see how does it work

Hi Johanes,


Probably you didn’t do the following:

In the Main (Frame) menu, where you added the browse, go to Actions
There you’ve to set Initiate Thread to ON


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  • For Browse proc, in the Window designer you set MDIChild option to true.
  • For Main frame, in the Window designer, menu, Actions, you set Initiate Thread to true.


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Thank you for your help.