How do you Copy a Procedure from one APP to another APP?

I have done this in clarion in the past, but i dont remember how. Seems it wasnt using the Application / Copy Procedure - thats for copying a procedure within an app. and i remember that both apps needed to have the same dct - but you could get around that. In this situation , both apps use the same dct. Thanks.

Assumed method: Application->Selective Export


Thanks, i had forgotten that one. Seems like there was another one, that let you choose the receiving app.

You are writing about Application->Import From Application

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Oh my goodness, thank you , first one on the list. And the selective Export work very well.

I suggest you use the 2 step TXA method:

  1. Source APP do Selective Export to TXA of the Procedure(s) you want
  2. Destination Import the TXA

You can edit the TXA to change some things, e.g. File Names or Prefixes, as a way of dealing with different DCT. I’ve also done this when I want to change a Procedure to use a different but similar file, e.g. change to use an Alias. You can change Procedure Names in the TXA if they conflict.

I like having the TXA file left over as a reminder of imports done in the past.

Importing from the APP has the Side Effect of removing all Empty Modules from the destination APP and I think renumbering. There may be other side effects. I do some source control on modules … yeah it’s not great using numbered module files, but its the setup I was given.


Thanks Carl, thanks A,