How do you display your bits?

So I’m soliciting you for your opinion or advice on what you think is the best way to display your bits?

So I saw @jslarve bits class, but its not what I was looking for. Newly Available - The JSBitPairsClass - code - ClarionHub

What I’m thinking about is how best to display the information in this access mask.
ACCESS_MASK (Winnt.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

I’m thinking I could do 32 check boxes because they can each have a description to explain what the bit is for, or maybe just a string(32) displaying a line of 1’s and 0’s, and to further complicate it, the access mask could be part of an array (almost certainly will be) so I might end up displaying each entry and its respective access mask on one line of a list box.

Cant make my mind, hence the request for opinions or advice, maybe theres a 3rd way?


I should add, this is how I’m currently handling the display of bits in templates but as the access mask needs to be on display in an app I need something different than a long list of bits in a template.

maybe also have a look at Jeff’s bitlist class that was published in Clarion Magazine

The Bitlist class and templates

Jeff Slarve’s open source BitList template and class are a great way to manage large numbers of True/False values with a minimum of overhead.
Posted Tuesday, March 07, 2000


BitList Template Update

Jeff Slarve has released an updated version of his BitList template, which lets you
store bit flags in LONG variables. The individual bits can be easily displayed and
updated. Even when gigabytes are cheap, this is a useful technique. Run the
demo to see how it all works.
(Aug 29,2000)

Thats a long time ago and I keep forgetting about ClarionMag.

However seeing the use of letters in the BitString rwxa-f-dfkm3-fk instead of a 1 or 0 makes better sense, its like a return to Dos.

I’ll give this a go, thanks!

The source code seems to be missing from the zip file

Seems the only copy is on the clarion mag website
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