How do you support your end users?

Hi! I have a question about supporting my end users of my software.

How do you take care of users who call about their printer not working, or they can’t get the software to open up because of a networking error?
Do you charge for these things? Do you somehow let them know it’s not your problem but do it nicely?

I feel like we are getting way too many calls that have nothing to do with our software. Just today a customer wants to print to a different printer and I asked if it was installed on her computer. She answers “I don’t know how to check that.”

Any advice for other support people would be appreciated!


Can you tell us a bit more about your software (ie: what it does - at a 10000’ ft level) and your users (generalize who they are)?


Also give us some indication about the price of the software. More expensive systems sometimes have more forgiving support policies, sometimes not expecting that those who can afford expensive programs can afford to pay for support.

For my medical/mental health software, support was free for 60 days but charged after that and also charged if not for our software.

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