How do you terminate the Generate, Make & Run process?

So I’ve noticed that sometimes the IDE hangs somewhere during the Generate, Make & Run process, this can be caused by a variety of reasons, but I cant find anywhere to terminate the process.

I sometimes see the Errors apppad with a message on it, could be anything from IO errors because a file is not available to libs missing and other things, not always, but I always get the big green circle on screen and there doesnt seem to be anyway to kill it.

In the worst case scenario like too many compiler errors, I could kill the C60srvx process and then kill the C60EE process, but I dont want to try terminating the ClarionXX\bin\clarion.exe process just yet whilst I’m still exploring C11.

So is it possible to terminate the processes which get called when I use the Toolbar button Generate, Make & Run?