How does one open a project (cwproj) file in C11?

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Trying to load the project in this post How to determine the passed Data Type in a ? (any) parameter?

I click on File, Open Project or Application, I select the PrivatePropertyTest.cwproj and nothing happens in my version of C11.

What am I doing wrong?


Open the CLW and build it.

Look at the Solution panel. You’ll see the CLW’s and other files. Double click to open.

Nothing happens it remains on the start page.

I get the 2 error messages
Compiling single files is not supported, please create a project!
Compiling single files is not supported, please create a project!

If I click the menu item Build, the only option enabled is Set Clarion Version.

Ok I think I’ve made some progress.

So I just tried File, Open Project or Application, select the PrivatePropertyTest.cwproj, no windows or tabs appear, but I noticed it has the [drive\folder\PrivatePropertyTest] in the IDE window title.

and thats when I noticed the build icons have enabled, so I clicked the Debug button and it generated and loaded up the debugger.

Is there not a project tree window listing the clw’s anymore?

Apart from the menu items enabling and toolbar icons enabling there is no other feedback.

All my pads are not standard so this might be why, all my pads are hidden until called for via the menu or hotkey and then they appear floating maximised to fill the whole screen. It was the only way to stop them from popping out when I wave my mouse pointer around the window designer.

I’m guessing the Solution Explorer is what has replaced the old project solution window?

Ok, so that sounds like a really unhelpful way to use the pads. And so it’s not surprising that you’ll find the IDE hard to work with at times. Here are some thoughts;

you can “pin” a pad (or panel of pads) so they don’t fly open and closed. You’ll notice in the top right corner of the pad a small X, and to the right of that a small pin. You can click on the pin to “pin” the pad open. (you can adjust the size). The pad area is tabbed, so you can put as many pads as you like in this space.

If you are working on a really tiny monitor, then yes, you can “unpin” the pads, and then they fly in and out when you move the mouse to that edge of the monitor. In this case you can move your pads to one side (so as to reduce the issue) or indeed pin the pads open on one side.

The solution pad is somewhat similar to the old projects pad. But it’s more, it’s a container for the project, so it can show you more than one project at once. It is, if you like, a “batch compiler” - or more accurately a collection of projects and apps. If you open a pure “hand-coded” project, then yes, you access it from this pad as shown in Jane’s picture above.

For more information on using the IDE, and getting the best value out of it, I recommend watching webinars #509 and #510 (!509,!510) - there are a lot of things you can set and the webinars work through those in a panel format offering different opinions to different things.

Maybe you should ask why am I running the datapads this way, instead of stating its unhelpful?

Every-time I reload the IDE I spend a chunk of time readjusting the layouts inside various datapads trying to get something that I can work with, the IDE doesnt remember the layouts of a datapad after its been changed and the IDE reloaded.

I cant find a font that works in the IDE that I like, the colours like the grey in the text editor makes the text harder to see, I can not have the monitors on maximum brightness because my retinas literally ache and eyes constantly stream Opticians cant find anything wrong though! I’ve even wasted money on glasses with the best blue tints to reduce glare etc and thats a con. Ever since I was kid and parents got their first (cathode ray tube) colour tv, watching TV has made my eyes hurt, its one of the reasons why before I got done over by criminals, I had a big Sony projection TV, which is like watching a cinema screen. A room with LED lighting burns my skin and burns my eyes and makes them stream, I can even see the flicker of LED’s in some situations! So I dont really watch TV if I can help it. Even smart phone’s now burn my eyes so its one of the reasons why I dont have a mobile. But the opticians cant find anything wrong with them.

There are too many buttons in the toolbars, the icons are nothing like the C6 icons, so when Steve Parker said in one of the ngs around the time of the icon make over in C6, where he said bring back the blue fart, yeah I understand what he means now, and they blend into the background, the Esc key doesnt work in parts of the IDE. The C6 IDE is very optimised, in that generally you only have the buttons you need for that part of the IDE. I’m not saying the C6 IDE is perfect, but the C7+ IDE is information overload imo.

I just really do not like this new IDE and despite going through loads of settings, I just cant get it setup anyway I like, so if it became an issue when I cant run C6 anymore and use the C7+ IDE command line, thats when I’ll pack it in and walk away and learn about write offs or something.

Sorry Richard, I just assumed you’d already covered that because you said

um… it does for me… which isn’t especially helpful to you I know, but if i’s not remembering then something else is in play. Mine are set up the way I want them, and they stay the same - and everyone else has theirs set up differently - everyone has their favourite position. I’ve not heard of them not remembering.

I believe the colors in the editor are configurable, although I’ve not played much with that myself. I’ve certainly played with the fonts though - I prefer Open Sans, or Segoe UI for variable pitch, and Consolas for fixed pitch.

That is a very common condition for people switching from C6. (It’s been going on for 15-odd years now, so you’re not alone.) Naturally with any change things are different, and it will take time to get to the new Icons, the new paths to do things and so on. That’s pretty normal. It’s also pretty normal that once you’re used to it, and especially the new ways to navigate around, and make use of some of those new buttons, then C6 feels archaic. I find it hard to even use C8 now, there’s too much missing there. C6 would be untenable (for me anyway.)

Clearly change is indeed change, and it takes time to get used to things that are different. Given that you’ve been using C6 at least a decade longer than me I’m sure you are that much more used to it, and it’s harder to change. And obviously we all get to an age eventually where we’re not able to, and don’t want to learn new things. That’s completely cool. And what’s uber cool is that C6 can still run, as long as you can find a 32 bit version of Windows to run it on. If you are happy to squeeze into that box then why change? :slight_smile:

Well I’ve given up with the new IDE, despite going through many settings and am sticking with C6 for now, because its faster for me. What takes me a day in the new IDE I can knock out in 30mins in the C6 ide because I’m constantly setting, rearranging things like datapads, trying to track stuff down, its a nightmare.