How stable is Clarion 10?

Hi All,
I am still using Clarion 6.3. The reason for not moving into the newer version is the horror stories I heard about the new version 7-9. These versions seems to have bugs in places which were perfect in 6.3.

I never believed version 7-9 was production ready. (I could be wrong)

Now I would like to move my development environment from 6.3 to possibly version 10. I am sure, there are developers out there who have tried 10 Beta 9. I am also assuming it would soon be out of the beta stages.

What I really want to know is, what is it like so far?

Is it stable enough and is it production ready to handle a project with around 47 apps and overs 600 tables in the DCT?

I am using TOPSPEED for my tables.
I also use the following third party products too:
Capesoft products (Nettalk, FM, Cryptonite, WinEvents, StringTheory).

Any comment is appreciated


Hi Matthew,

I didn’t think C7 was production ready. But I found C8 very capable and production ready for all of my applications. C9 was still not perfect, but improved and the stability was much better. C10 is improved in several ways and is just as stable as C9 for me. The C10 IDE hasn’t crashed ever (since Feb 2015) for me, but others are still reporting an occasional crash.
I’m using Windows 10 Pro Insider Edition Build 10074. My drive C is an SSD. I have 141 tables in my biggest dictionary. You mention horror stories about 7-9. I think those are past now.


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Thanks for the info Bob.

Do you know, if C10 can create 64bit application?



Hi All
we are also using clarion 6 and want to upgrade. dont want to move to another development platform. i have the same issue / concern as to how stable clarion 10 is or would be. Some interesting comments from Bob here. I would like to hear what other people think about this as well. Since we are a small group compared to others, we need to stick together and keep the clarion gang going !.


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Why is the comment from alpeshvc dimmed out? Or is it something to do with my account or profile setting?

Hi Mathew, the system flagged it as spam due to some rule about replies coming from new users at the same IP block. I have un-flagged it now, sorry about that.

Mathew, no Clarion 10 still doesn’t generate x64 application. Will be on next release…

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Hi All,
Now that Clarion 10 is gold, Clarion folks who already have this version should be able to contribute to this post.




Hi All,
I have finally had a change to get my hands on Clarion 10. It is more stable than version 8. But, that’s about it…

  1. I didn’'t come across any major language enhancement.

  2. The help is not refined and needs a lot of proofing, because if looks like a copy and paste from v6-v9. The new way of solution /project needs to be documented. (Step-by-step)

  3. Simple 1 app application with or without a DCT compiles great. But, I have not once managed to compile or create a multi-dll or multp-app app. It gives me errors that never seems to go away. I believe the new methodology is to have a solution with your apps as projects within it. If so, there is no clarity of step-by-step documentation about how to set up the global or solution redirection file.
    In v6.3 I have the redirection file set such that all that all the dct, lib, icon, images, dll, exe has their respective folders and gets copied directly in them following a compile. But, since Clarion 10 has solution / project structure, it isn’t very clear how to change the redirection file and what should be an ideal way to store the above mentioned items such as DCT, lib, exes, icons etc.
    There was an example installer which only had some standalone projects. Why could they not ship a multi-dll projects? The invoice, school projects would have been great.

  4. If you create a app with Output Type as DLL it still configures it as EXE. You’ll have to explicity change it to EXE after it started giving you compiler errors.

I wanted to start v10 with smaller apps and they move on to complex multi-dll apps and then was intending to plan to move my main project into it. I am very very disappointed with my finding. This version is a refinement of v7-9 and I expected it to be lot more sleeker with excellent documentation etc.

To me, this is not production ready yet OR I am missing something OR I did not fully understand this new IDE. Is there anybody who share a dummy solution / apps sample with a dct and a configured redirection file?

I will give it a fresh go again and I will come back with my finding again.




If you’re asking, “Does Clarion 10 work well for developing applications?” then the answer is a resounding YES!

If your question is, “How easy is it to transition to Clarion 10 from 6.3?” then the answer is, “There is a leaning curve.”

I was frustrated when I first started using Clarion 7 and then Clarion 8 in earnest. Now it hurts to open the old C6.3 IDE. There is a learning curve, many of us have been keeping up and all of the incremental improvements over the past 5 or so years are hard to ignore.

To answer your question, Clarion 10 is a huge improvement over c6.3. C10 is not bug free. Take a bit of time to learn it, you’re catching up on 5 years of development.

Good luck,


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Hi Paul,
Thank you for the explanation.

I understand there is a bit of a learning curve. Can I ask for a favour from you. Can you do me a simple small solution with an exe, One dll, and data dll. Dct with a single table would be sufficient.

This would be enough for me to figure out the app/solution folder structure, redirection file etc

I am sure there are so many others who would like to know the same…



I think it is very stable. I have Clarion 10 GOLD and have numerous applications upgraded. Many applications installed on severs and workstations.

One of the biggest appreciations is the ease in creating manifests for the application and using the CSIDL folders. This has eliminated a lot of work around things that I was doing with Clarion 6.3 to install in C:\Program FolderXX and storing in c:\users\XXX folders.

Since I have many sole TPS based applications I finally decided to use the IP-Driver for those products. Bright decision for me on that part. I haven’t done much with SQL projects yet.

I jumped from Clarion 6.3 EE to Clarion 9.0 EE, 9.1 EE and have Clarion 10 EE. I would not go back to Clarion 6.3, I cringe at the thought.

Of course there are learning curves for everything and I found it has paid off.

Most all third party templates have worked a few I upgraded and happened to have compatibility to 10. I do not update these templates very much so I guess I caught a break here in cost.

As with any software version you do have annoyances and so since everything we put our hand on in the creative development world there are nuances of pain. Clarion 10 Gold has very, very, little pain and many positives.

I’d upgrade if I were you. It took about 20-30 hours to get really comfortable. And every time I hit something that didn’t seem right, it was about me needing to learn. I did report a couple of bugs which were addresses in a timely fashion.

I have used Clarion since Clarion 2.0 days.

Matthew I hope this helps.

Not sure why folks are saying Clarion 10 is gold. It is up to 12104 which has been out for sometime with no updates… Some folks are using it for production. I am currently using it in daily production, with no issues. Your mileage my vary.

As more than one programmer has said, “It is software, … there are bugs.” If you know of a development product that is defect free I would recommend that you use that for your work. Or course, your work will be defect free, as well.

How stable Clarion 10 is, is an honest question. Looking and waiting for a defect free product does not seem a viable idea, Just my humble opinion.

Like Peter, I’ve been using Clarion since CPD 2.

HI Rick,
I use GOLD because that is what Soft-Velocity (Clarion) calls a version that is considered a “final” release. I agree updates are always needed as long as humans are imperfect.

One area that I have had some issues with is programing with third-party DLL’s … even thought they work with say C++ Visual Studio I cannot get some of the call-back stuff to work reliably. There were two software projects I had to just complete in C++. Maybe it was just me, after all, I am human ;).

The windows API’s seem to be okay.

Hi Serhat – can you offer any more information on the x64 application? When you say next release, are you referring to Clarion 11? Is that in beta yet?

Thank you,

Hi Chris, sorry for delay. Now you can use x64 integer values with Clarion 10 like GROUP of MSSQL DATE/TIME. Before Clarion 10 application, we talked about new version capabilities. I asked that C10 will generate x64 application, they answered, they will plan to develop on next release.

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I hope they’ll develop the 64bit version soon, because we’ll need it in the next few (2-3 max) years.

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I have finally converted my multidll apps from Clarion 6.1 to Clarion 10 with minimal issues. My problem is during run-time my app hanged when I insert a record and pressed cancel. Anybody who encountered the same and was able to resolve it?

Appreciate your feedback.


Hi Glen,
I am also currently in the process of converting converting one of our main product from C6.3 to C10. I have 52 apps with a DCT with around 670 tables.
The entire application is now converted and have not faced the issue mentioned by you. (event though I had several other issues). I am currently in the process of create a new fresh LOOK and FEEL/Branding for the C10 compiled application.

You will need to provided more info related to your problem.

  1. Is this a problem with only one Browse or Update form. OR Is it the case with inserts on all the browse/update forms?
  2. Can you insert a record from a source procedure (without any update templates)?
  3. Do you use FM?

Things you should try:

Create a source procedure in one of your DLL in the project to manually add a record into an issue table. This should give you an answer whether it is a template issue, File I/O, or your data DLL issue.

Just to keep it simple create a test multi dll app IN C6.1 with:

  1. Exe,
  2. A Test DLL (With your browse/Update)
  3. Data DLL
  4. DCT with a simple 4-5 field table.

Make it work with 6.1 and then covert the same into C10 as you’ve done with your main project and see if that works. This could point you to any issues that might have crept in during the conversion to C10 OR issue with runtime files. Please sure you have all the templates (also 3rd party) similar to that of the main products.
This way, you are working a small project and will be very easy to isolate the different aspects. (I have done this several times during my conversion process)



Hi Mathew,

Thanks for the pointers. Btw, I only encountered the issue using multi dll but not in single exe.

You will need to provided more info related to your problem.

  1. Is this a problem with only one Browse or Update form. OR Is it the case with inserts on all the browse/update forms? I encountered the problem in Update form

  2. Can you insert a record from a source procedure (without any update templates)? I haven’t tried it yet

  3. Do you use FM? Yes

Thanks and best regards,