How to convert DATE value to STRING

How do i assign DATE value to STRING character.

For example i have 2 different data type 1) Job_Date which is a Date Data type and 2) Job_Date_Char is STRING(10) Data type .
I need Job_Date = ‘28/01/2023’ to be re-assinged to Job_Date_Char so that Job_Date_Char must contain the character value of ‘28/01/2023’.

I had written code for these kind of conversion in other technology and I tried to implement the same logic here but didn’t work. The value of Job_Date_Char holds numeric value some thing like 783456.
Your suggestion would be much appreciated.



Look in the help for date pictures and formatting, the UK style date format dd/mm/yyyy is via @D06, there are examples both ways, ie: to and from both strings and values.

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Hello, look at the DEFORMAT and FORMAT commands

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Hello, declare:
Job_Date date()
Job_Date long()
in the code you put
Job_Date_Char=deformat(Job_Date,@d6) !to 1/02/2023
Job_Date_Char=deformat(Job_Date,@d06) !to 01/02/2023
Doubts about the Picture of the dates look in the help:
DATE (return standard date)
And on the same page


Hi Jorge

I think you meant to use Format not DeFormat.

Job_Date_Char=format(Job_Date,@d6)  !to 1/02/2023
Job_Date_Char=format(Job_Date,@d06) !to 01/02/2023


Hello vitesse, welcome, yes you are right is that I made both forms and passed only one of them…

Loc:dateCw…date() or long()

1 - to send to Base SQL in string format (yyyy-mm-dd)
Loc:dateSql = FORMAT(Loc:dateCw,@d10-)

2 - to return a Long() with the Date value for format calculations (dd/mm/yyyy) from string
Loc:dateCw = DEFORMAT(Loc:dateSql,@d06)

thank you…!

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