How To: Create a Non-App Clarion project?

No templates, no extras just a basic source only “Hello World” app for Clarion using the IDE!

Step 1 - Start a new project

Use the button in, the menu item under File-->New or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N

Step 2 - Take a look at that!

When you hit create you get a brand new solution, project and “Hello World.clw” all set up and ready to go…

Step 3 - Add some code

Keep it simple for now, just add a message

Step 4 - Build and Run!

Ok so there are a stoopid number of ways to cause the code to be built (compiled!) and run. Some are effectively the same, other have subtle differences.

My go-to in this scenario is usually Ctrl+F5 which is found:


What’s next?

Next in this series of How To topics will be how to open a non-app solution/project. Coming soon!

How To: Open a Non-App Clarion project?

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