How to create numeric keypad

Can someone instruct how to create popup
numeric keypad for entering numeric data
at touch screen comp


SimSoft ( used to have something they called SimPad.
Help file attached to this post.

Not sure if anyone took it over.


Johan de (158.1 KB)

Thanks, Johan that site is dead


Hi Dragan,

Yes it no longer exists.

CapeSoft took over the SimPad template, now named KeepingTabs, from Eric but not sure what happened with the rest of Eric’s templates.

Maybe you can contact Bruce (CapeSoft) and find out if he knows anything about the rest of the SimSoft Templates.


Johan de Klerk

So you can try to use TabTip.exe (Tablet Text Input Panel)
However I never saw how to request the numeric keyboard vs. the qwerty one

Like wise, you could use OSK.exe (On Screen Keyboard)
but it’s numeric keyboard is (IMO) fugly

IMO the best move is to write your own keyboard,
and make use of the APIs MapVirtualKey and Keybd_event
or PostMessage with a WM_Char
or if it’s all Clarion, maybe just use PressKey(…)

Hi Mark
When think deeply it is very easy, in the past I have created calculator, make it as function and delete unnecessary keys. it is use only for numeric fields for other it is OSK

Does PRESSKEY work on tablets where there is no keyboard, virtual (on screen) or actual?