How to determine if a Software was developed by Clarion?

If an user application looks like Clarion developed app, what things should I look at to determine if that’s the case? Assume the application in on standalone PC and only has necessary runtime etc. files installed.

In program folder, looks for files like: cla*.dll, this is fastest way to determine if app written in clarion.


@Oggy That would be true if the DLL’s are not linked in.

Certainly I would expect some form of CLARUN.DLL or it’s C6 and < equivalent to be present if that was the case.

If linked in though, I would know how to ascertain the information.

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If linked, dirty approach, hex editor and also searching for string ‘cla’

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Locally compiled (non-DLL dependant) EXEs will have the string ‘SoftVelocity Inc.’ as well as ‘Clarion’

DLLs will have lots of references to the Claron runtime library functions using their names as declared in BUTILTINS.CLW

So look for things like…


etc etc


You should be able to use NotePad to open the EXE then Find “Cla$”. For something more specific Cla$ACCEPT or Cla$OPEN

Edit 9:24am

Testing on my computer opening an EXE in Notepad I do Find Cla$ … But looking at a WinPreview EXE that is compiled in Release LIB mode (no DLLs) I do NOT find Cla$.

Searching for “Clarion” does find several in both LIB and DLL builds. Also see SoftVelocity.


Yes, I know, this is just example :slight_smile: