How to determine in template code if a Button is set to call a procedure

You can determine if any special settings are on a button on your window using the template code below.

This will create a comment of the control and and procedure it calls for each button your window that calls a procedure.

#FOR (%Control), WHERE(CLIP(%ControlType)='BUTTON')
  #IF(%ButtonAction='Call a Procedure')
     ! %Control calls %ButtonProcedure

Valid values for %ButtonProcedure are ‘No Special Action’, ‘Call a Procedure’, ‘Run a Program’
Some other related template symbols that are of interest.
%ButtonThread - 0/1 start the procedure on new thread
%ButtonThreadStack - size of stack for new thread
%ButtonParameters - parameters passed to the procedure
%ButtonRequest - None,Insert,Change,Delete,Select,View
%ButtonRunName - Program to run
%ButtonRunParameters - Parameters to pass to program called with RUN