How to display Message dialog in NetTalk

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I am looking on how to display a message in NetTalk.
Something that runs like this clarion code :point_down:

   MyResponse = 'You answered yes.'
   MyResponse = 'You answered no.'
   MyResponse = 'You ignored.'

I have looked on the generated codes and I saw the SetOption function of NetWebServerWorker class. I suspected that this is the function I was looking for but I cannot find any examples about it from the documentation. Is there any example I can look? Or what is the best way to do it?


A Simple NetWebForm is completely customisable and should work for you.


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Thanks for your response. I have already done that, I have created a NetWebForm named custom_popup_message and I called it using a Button within the form. But now I want to display the popup message in the middle of a process. In my case I want to use it as a confirmation message to continue or not. I have tried to copy and paste from the generated code especially from Popup routine just to call the procedure as popup but it just ruin the process. I think I’m just missing something. Do you have any sample code I can look on how can I call my NetWebForm? Thank you.

You are missing the flow on the web. You will need to break your process into parts.

Remember the web works as Request – Response – Request – Response …

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This question is a duplicate of this;

Thank you for your response. I need to study further about web since I am new to web development. I first used is NetTalk and I watched some videos on youtube for beginners on web(HTML, CSS, Scripts).


Yes it is a lot similar with this thread. In my case I want to display the comfirmation message when my checkbox on my update form is toggled. I want the message to be displayed when save button is clicked… This would be the message I want to display. Are you sure you want to submit the draft? This document cannot be edited and will be submitted to signatories. Do you want to continue?. Then when “Yes” button was clicked, the record will be saved and finalized. When “No” button was clicked then I will set a value on loc:invalid variable so the form will not go to save, then the user will have a oportunity to untoggle the checkbox when he/she still wants to save the record as draft.

Add this as a checkbox to the bottom of the form. The Save button can be disabled until the checkbox is ticked, and then enabled.


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