How to generate clw in a selected sub-directory (C63)


how to generate clw from an app program in selected sub-folder (C63)


Open (or pe) in your Clarion6\bin folder.
I use these lines in the [common] section:
*.clw= .\Source;.;.\Libsrc; %ROOT%\Libsrc;%ROOT%\3rdParty\Libsrc
*.inc= .\Source;.;.\Libsrc; %ROOT%\Libsrc;%ROOT%\3rdParty\Libsrc

Make sure these lines come before any other *.clw, *.inc or . entries.

Having the .\Source as the first entry causes any new .clw or .inc files to get generated in the Source sub-folder. I also use a local Libsrc folder to the project for classes that are specific to that solution.

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