How to get a Button on a control Action tab like the Browse Behavior button?

In the templates the #control template for a list box has a button on the action tab with the text “&Browse Box Behavior”

When I add a
#Button(‘Some Text’)


to a control template my button doesnt appear but the prompts do, even when I put the #Button after the controls section.

Whats the secret to getting a button to appear on a #controls action tab?



So a #Button inside a #Button will put/make the second button visible on the action tab here, yet it doesnt explain how the Browse list box control can do it with one button.

There’s plenty of hidden boxes and prompts inside that button, so I dont know if something is tricking the template processor or if the browse list box button is hard coded in some way into the template processor.

Would be interesting to know why the first button doesnt appear on the action tab though.

Edit 2

Looks like the Control specified inside the Controls/End section needs a USE variable*, even if one is not being used, and then the #Button#EndButton will appear on the Actions tab. So I suspect this is triggering the %ActiveTemplateInstance part of the appgen.

*This works for the check box so far, testing the other controls now…

Edit 3.

At least one control in the Controls … End section of a #Control template needs a use variable.

Likewise, although not instantly obvious in the help doc, the Controls and End sections need to start in column 2 of template.