How to import a table from Oracle 11 Database

I have written many Clarion Apps accessing tables in IBM AS/400 DB2 using ODBC form IBM Client Access. It is very easy, My partner have done it with IBM AS/400 DB2 also.

I started with Clarion version 2.0 in the early 1990s.

Now I am writing a Clarion App which needs to access a couple of tables in Oracle 11 Database.

My partner is helping me, since he is programming in Oracle 11 using Forms/Report and he is learning APEX.

We are using Clarion 11 EE, I purchased Oracle Driver from Clarion. My partner is trying to import the Oracle Tables, but he have failed. He does not know how to do it.

Please anyone can help, is there is any material available on this subject?

Sincerely yours

Fermin Chong Wong