How to make 2 List Columns appear as 1 with a Group

As shown below I had a List with 2 columns holding Date and Day. I didn’t like the cluttered look. The line is easy to remove (uncheck Right Border) but it still shows in the Header line, plus the heading text would not be centered.


I wrapped a [ Group ] around the Date and Day, in a list format that is square brackets .

Remove the Heading from the columns ( ~Date~ ~Day~ ) then put a heading only in the Group: ']|F~Date~'. This way the Group Header is just the one line “Date”.

Remove the Right Border and Resizable ( |M ) from the Columns, then in the Group add the Right Border and Resizable (not done here). Also size the Date column correctly to fit the date, or it can still have the Resizable M with no Right Border.

To recap you just want heading text in the group, and also as many other settings as possible (Fixed, Border, Resize).

I posted the Format string above but I didn’t capture all of this in the IDE. Here it is finished in the IDE:


Using the Group you can have the “child” columns aligned as desired. Another example is below where the “Leave Type” is similarly set up as a [ Group ] containing the Code and Description. The Code can be Right aligned and Name Left.


The other way to do this with one Browse String of =Code &' '& Name but it would not align well.


Jan 22, 2005 was a Saturday. :slight_smile:
Pretty neat.
I’ve done the same kind of thing with icons.