How to make http request?

How to make an http request in c10 ?


Two of the best options:

  1. NetTalk: CapeSoft NetTalk
  2. LibCurl: GitHub - mikeduglas/libcurl: libcurl for Clarion

Johan de Klerk

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In the Clarion IDE there is a little known but very useful keyboard shortcut: F1.

Don’t forget about our Chilkat wrapper :slight_smile:
All comms tasks can be accomplished with extreme ease!



There is the Clarion Example HttpRequest that uses ClaRunExtClass. I attached it below.

This was the refactored 2 weeks ago Webinar 718 - Refactoring a Clarion Example App

The refactored code is on Mike’s GitHub:

Attached original Example from 2015 (2.4 KB)