How to report bugs to SV when https browser is the only method?

So my MS Edge doesnt allow me to access http:/ web addresses, its part of the new security features in win10, I can only access https:// web addresses so does anyone know if SV have a https:// web address to report bugs because I cant access


I just tested on my Win10 with Edge and it opens the http page.
Johan de Klerk

I see this:

Hmmm… can’t reach this page took too long to respond

To help keep your personal info more secure, Automatic HTTPS switched your connection to HTTPS. You can try non-secure HTTP instead.



So if I click on the Visit with non-secure http, I end up in a loop.
If I click on Automatic HTTPS that takes me to edge://settings/privacy and the setting:

Automatically switch to more secure connections with Automatic HTTPS [ON]
Using HTTPS can help keep your personal info more secure
Switch to HTTPS only on websites likely to support HTTPS [SELECTED]
Always switch from HTTP to HTTPS (connection errors might occur more often)

If I could lower it, then that exposes the connection to SSL/TLS attacks as documented here:

Email [email protected]

Havent had any replies from them because I dont even know if I’m eligible for the later versions of C11 EE, I’m on 11.0.0 13244 EE.

I’ll give them another go, its probably because I dont have the old email addresses I used to purchase it so they probably think I’m some spammer or something.