How to return data from a web service to a Clarion application

Hi folks
Just an investigation at this point but the requirement would be to call a web service and present the data in a list for the user to choose from. So how to return data from a web service to a Clarion application?


Hi Marc,

You have a few options here, Clarion itself (C10 onwards I think), Chilkat communications wrapper from noyantis, Nettalk from Capesoft and LibCurl wrapper from Mike Duglas.

All are capable of calling web services and returning the data to you (although personally I’ve never had too much luck with Clarion’s own built in functions - hence why we created our own wrapper for Chilkat.

Its also worth checking what format the data will be returned in - as you may require additional tools too depending on which option you choose.



I forgot to mention, if you want to pop in on a Monday to our usergroup meeting (via ClarionLive), then I’d be happy to take a look at the URL you have to query and knock up a quick example :slight_smile:



We use Mike Duglas’s Libcurl for this both for submitted VAT returns to HMRC in the UK and for accessing a property maintenance webservice.

Works well and works with all versions of Clarion since 6.3 - lots of example code provided and WebService providers can usually give examples in CURL which is easy to translate to LibCurl syntax.

Mike has a section here on ClarionHub as well

Be careful if using C10 for https calls. It does NOT support TLS 1.2 C11 is required for that. As far as I know, SV did not back port that fix. For that reason alone, I went with LibCurl. Plus Clarion’s syntax, lack of real examples and general non-support make it a difficult choice for all but the most trivial of web interactions. (Do trivial interactions with the web even exist? :roll_eyes:)

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My defacto tool for web and REST services calls are, NetTalk, XFiles and JFiles from Capesoft.

For sure @noyantis have a great tool (they make very high quality templates) but never use it for that purpose.

Thanks everyone. I have somewhere to start from now.