How to SetCursor Outside of Client Window

Hello Everyone,

I’m familiar with SetCursor() and how it works.

My problem is, after setting the cursor, the cursor changes to CURSOR:Arrow when I move the cursor outside of the application’s window.

Is there a way to set it where it stays set?

To clarify, my end goal is to use GetPixel to get the color of a selected pixel on MouseLeft.

Thank you!

See SetWindowsHookEx API function with the first parameter equal to WH_MOUSE or WH_MOUSE_LL to determine a window under the cursor. If it’s not your window your can use the same function to set another hook to that window to monitor/filter messages. This hook must look for the WM_SETCURSOR and WM_GETCURSOR messages.

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The simplest way is to capture mouse input (SetCapture api), you can see how it’s working in Image Selector when you’re dragging an image outside the window: demo1.exe->Enable drag’n’drop-drag an image from the right pane.

SetWindowsHookEx was it.

Thank you!

From description of the SetCapture function:

If the mouse cursor is over a window created by another thread, the system will direct mouse input to the specified window only if a mouse button is down.

Outside of the drag-n-drop functionality SetCapture has a little sense.

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