How to store and retrieve images

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Could anyone please point me in the right direction to a tutorial or guidance on the following:

  1. How to store images in a TPS file
  2. How to display those images on a form
  3. How to display and update an image each time a new selection in the browse list box is made.

I’ve had a look at storing an image in a BLOB from the help file topic but I’m clearly doing something wrong as I can’t confirm whether the image is being stored in the file. I am able to use the DosFileLookup to update an Image control, but it seems the passing of the image into the BLOB and subsequent retrieval is where I’m going wrong.

I did also take a look on YouTube to see if there was anything there but couldn’t find anything relevant on the search results.

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If you have StringTheory from Capesoft, you could use the ToBlob() and FromBlob() methods to populate and retrieve the blobs.

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Did you look at the “ImageBlob” subject in the help? Also, check out “PrintMode”.

Thanks I’ll take another look.

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I used BLOB’s many years ago to store images but I discovered quickly that managing images size (size in bytes) became very important due to TPS file size limitations. I used, and still use, Clarion FreeImage to resize images just in case the user tries to upload a huge file. Anyway, just something to consider.

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One of the big decisions one makes is whether or not to store the image itself in a blob or simply a filename to an image. Big images definitely will impact the data file size.

Just depends on the intended use and expectations.

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See help for The clarion language utilities. That has BlobToFile() and FileToBlob() procedures.

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