How to troubleshoot a slow ODBC connection

I have a problem with Clarion 6.3 + SQLite ODBC.

I created an application which simply reads a table from an SQLite database and perform some actions.

I tested the application in different machines and faced a horrible slowness in one of them which have window 10 with 16GB ram and M.2 HDD, the funny thing that all other machines have much less specifications than this except for one which have similar specs.
(While testing, the database and the application are located in this machine and other machines are executing from it (shared) and of course testing one machine at a time.
Other application with other databases are running in the same speed in this machine except for SQLite.

My first suspicion was anti virus so I stopped it but same.

I know that there is something affecting the application but can not find out what it is.

So how can I trace this issue?

Best regards

Have you checked that the OpLocks settings are the same between the machines?

Also are you aware that SQLite is really only suitable as a single user database? If you have multiple users hitting it at the same time you may run into locking issues.

Actually I put a copy off the application and the database in each machine in order to avoid any kind of sharing and disconnected each machine I test from the network but still getting the same issue.

Thank you for your advice.


Ok perhaps someone else has some ideas.

I presume there is no logging/tracing going on on the slow machine?

How do you have your connections defined? Are you building a connection string or do you have it defined by ODBC admin? If you are building them, would your datasource be ‘\problem_machine\drive\dir\datafile.sqlite’ on all machines, or would it be just ‘drive\dir\datafile.sqlite’ on your problem machine?

I don’t use the ODBC driver for SQLite, so I’m not sure that would be a problem if you do it like that, but thought I would mention it.