How to use the GetTotalPages() on report

I’ve waited long enough this feature in the report, in this c10 started there a bright spot :). but when I try to use it, I had trouble. I’ve tried to put GetTotalPage() function in some events the result is always 0. I’ve also been looking at the property variables are also not solved … please rock all.
Big Thank you for your attention and support


The GetTotalPages method just returns the number of records in the preview queue.
I haven’t used it put you probably need to make sure preview is enabled for the report.
I would test GetTotalPages in the EndReport method. It won’t be valid until after the report has completed.


Thank you Rick already responds to my question.
At first I thought I could use this feature as the CPCS report, so that I can fulfill client requests to put a footnote in the form Page x from n. So what is the usefulness of this feature in the C10 ??



I’ve posted an article on print page of page in a Clarion report.
This should get you going in the right direction.

Page of Page for Clarion reports


Rick, thank you very much.
I’ve installed Tintools 9 which turned out quite well in C10
But I will try the code you refer so I do not have to use tintools report viewer again :slight_smile: .

Best Regards & Thks

Problem Solved!
Dear Rick,
I successfully implement your idea, I put your code in ABREPORT.CLW and ABREPORT.INC. Then I made my literal string as you suggest, then the procedure I call on EndReport … DONE.
Rich, thank you very much :blush:

Great. Glad it worked out for you.