httpWebRequest UNICODE support


I’m trying yo use httpWebRequest with C10. When I send national characters to any WebService (converted to UTF-8) procedure sends them as ?
I already set ContentType as ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’
and I couldn’t find to declare User-Agent (Header parameter does not support Agent declaration)

Anybody has any solution for this problem?



Sorry, but I think you’re going to have problems sending any Unicode via the standard Clarion templates.

We have accomplished it via our Chilkat wrapper, but that is when we’ve loaded the content from an external source.

I hope that helps,




Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for your guidance and kind attention.

I also used Nettalk and it is working properly.
As you explained, I’m trying to use standart method. It seems, Clarion has prefered old method of synchronized communication (httpWebRequest). New generation applications are using asynchronized communication (WebClient).