Httpwebrequests and what to fill in

I’m trying to get familiar with the httpWebRequest procedures. I need to post messages to a Discord channel. I have a routine for getting messages. I need a procedure to post them. I’m having difficulty figuring out what goes where with regard to postData and requestParameters and in what form they should be.

A YouTube video demonstrated how to use a browser fetch to achieve what I’m trying to achieve. In the code below, built during the demo, I can’t figure out what goes where (relative to postData and requestParameters) and what each should look like or be structured as a string. I’m stuck on everything beyond “POST”. Hope someone can help. Ask questions and I’ll try to clarify. If possible, I’d like to do this without buying another set of templates. whurl holds the URL with Discord IDs and tokens. “Fetch,” of course, would disappear.

{“method”:“POST”, “headers”: {“content-type” : “application/json”},