I am new In clarion and I am not sure how to connect clarion IDE to a database which I made in sql server management studio

Can some one please help !!1!

You have to have a dictionary, in which you call “Import Table” wizard.

Like Mike says. Clarion uses it’s own data dictionary which you need to sync with the MSSQL database. You can do this via import tables or if you have the EE version of clarion then there a dictionary sync option in the dictionary.

Can u provide all the steps and the code in Clarion ?

Create a new dictionary, where you click to add a table, pull down for the option to import tables, follow the prompts.
You choose an odbc source and navigate to your database
In code the table owner is the connection string.

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Thnks a lot seaanh !

Error(5): cif$fileopen hell2.exe Access is denied. -
Is der any fix for this error ?
everytime I run a application I will recive this error the next time I run it . … I will hav to wait for 5-10 mins and den run again !! is der any fix for this isssue ??

I think you get this error when clarion try to build a new exe/dll, and that mean only that this file is still in use.

Obviously your exe hang instead of close itselfe.
Check in the Windows TaskManager if your exe is still running and quit it there.