I cannot run Clarion 7 CLAIDE.DLL error

When I try to run clarion 7 it complains about clalde.dll
Any body know how to fix this.
Back in the day when I used it I remember I had the same issue.
I cant remember how I got it to work, but I did get it to work


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When you try to run the IDE, or your application? I don’t have a file by that name anywhere.

Saying a “complaint” is not much of a description. How about a screen capture, and the Error text which most messages you can Ctrl+C to copy.

I see a CLAIDE.DLL in Claron 8. I don’t have that DLL in Clarion 7 but mine has the DLLs named C70*.dll

Hi Jeff,

I remember you from the clarion 6 user group back in the day, You would help me out a lot.

Thanks for resounding to my post.

I sent a screenshots for you to look at.


Clalde dll error.gif

In the file properties - details it says that it is a clarion .NET 2.0.
I have .NET 4 running.

Sorry, I have never run into this and have no ideas.

Thank you for helping me.

do you run the Clarion installer? have you tried installing .NET 2.0?