I need clafm3.dll to clarion 11... help

My filemanager is not updating the tps tables, in clarion 11.
I believe it is the clafm3.dll version, can someone help me?

Did you run the FM3 Utility template?

Hello Bruce,
Explaining, I’m migrating from CW 9 to CW11, as I’ve always done, I update the apps, and the dlls to be able to update in the client.
Today the fact was, I changed the version of a table in the DCT, and error 47 appeared.
The version installed on the C11 is FM 3 - Version 5.42… on the cW9 it was FM3-Version 5.20.
I didn’t run the FM3 Utility template because the templates updated themselves.
Do I have to update some procedure?

Cw11’s Bin directory doesn’t have clafm3.dll, so I got it from CW9… but apparently it didn’t work.

Now the tables show error 47.

For 3rd party addons, look at the Accessory\bin folder.

Accessory\ is traditionally where you’ll find all/most of the 3rd party stuff

You definitely can’t mix C9 Clarion DLLs with C11.

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There is nothing there …

Ok I uninstalled everything, I managed to install the DLLS, my project has the FM3 data


But if I change the table version, error 47 appears.
The impression is that the FM3 is not working.

Did you run this utility template? That’s what Bruce was asking about.

Ohhhh my friend thank you very much, I didn’t understand Bruce’s question, but I replied that I didn’t do what he suggested because I didn’t know…
Now that you showed me I browsed the buttons until I found it.
Many thanks to you and Bruce for getting back to me.
Thank you! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

A question:
Do I have to do it in all apps or is it only valid for all of them?

It is for the Clarion installation, not for any particular APP.
Just one time is good.

Ok ok thank you very much have a nice weekend everyone.