I wonder if this is feasible in the Clarion IDE

Is physical appearance of the text editor something that can be supported by an extension?

This is a pretty neat VS-Code extension and it works on .clw files.

In short, I think this tool colors the left side indenting on the selected lines?

An OMIT('***') will color the background grey. Looking at options that appears to be a special highlight feature for Clarion.

I wonder if a region of code could be a “Span” that has a Tag on the Line Before and After? E.g. in the span !G!! to !!G!end the background is colored light Green instead of the normal white. That way I could put some Tags around code I am interested, or working on, and have the background colors be different. Those tags would be retained on save.

I took a quick look at the Highlight settings and see Spans. I tried to setup my own GREEN span but did not figure it out.

I did change OMIT to be colored Green, which is what I was trying for my !G!! to !!G!end span.



Pretty cool Carl.

Where’s that editor in the IDE? Or is that one of your custom utilities?

That’s in Tools->Options->Text Editor->Highlighting

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