IDE Lost Track of my app files

THe IDE contains a listing of files I have been working on but when I click them, the screen disappears and gives me a blank grey screen with the IDE menus still intact. I have been looking throughout the menus and settings and nothing that can let me somehow fix this.

Open solution explorer. Then select app and double click on it.

There does not seem to be any selection for a ‘Solution Explorer’ in C8. I know how to open the app through the menu system but find the Recent Solution screen to be quicker.

Have to admit I don’t remember C8, but don’t you have a View Menu → Solution Explorer menu item?

And a View Menu → Applications item? It will display the APP Pad where you can double click on an APP to open it.

Your screen capture shows a “Blue NW Arrow” button that indicates a SLN is open. Between View and Build menus there is NOT a Project Menu so a Project / APP is NOT open.


You may also want to try View Menu, then the last item “Choose Layout” and pick Default.

You can open you SLN in Notepad and past the contents here to see if we spot anything odd.

If your solution contains multiple apps, then thd solution will open but not any app.

You need to see your solutions pad, or applications pad, to then select an app to open.

You can remove excess apps from a solution if you dont want them there.

If you open an app while a solution is already open, then the app is added to the solution.

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Thanks all! Bruce, Carl & Rick all had a piece of the answer. The solution Explorer showed a second test app I had fooled around with a bit but never did anything with. It somehow sneaked its way into the Solution and was not letting me open my app through the Default view.