IDE - One procedure does not update to its file list-Clarion 10

I have a rather strange event happening. When I am in a procedure and go to select from the file to write in an embed or put a field on the screen, my file list is not as it should be. When I go back to the IDE and click on the other procedures, the file list refreshes, however then when I click on this particular procedure, the file list stays as the list from the last procedure I was on.
I have closed the app and re-opened. I have exited Clarion and back in. I have rebooted my computer. This is still happening. I went as far as to delete the procedure and start it again. I have worked on the procedure for a couple of hours with no problem and now all of a sudden my file list is the wrong one.
Is this a Clarion bug? how do I fix this?

That sounds a bit like a corrupt app or dct. I’d seriously consider exporting first the dct to text and import it into a new dct and see if that works, if not do the same with the app

I have done both and have same issue. 8-(